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What is the minimum glass size which could be processed for glass cutting plotter?

The Min.size is 100*100mm


What is the power of the laser? If the laser is 80W, what watt is suitable for film cutting? At what % should the laser work for film cutting?

The power of the laser is 80W, It is current control if the power is enough, then 7A will be ok, and around 30% the laser work for film cutting.


Do you have a manual in English for the software and the machine operation?

We have a video for machine installation, (marked with description) and is also a manual for the software operation shows steps by steps


Are there safety glasses for the operator in the set? Does the operator need safety glasses?

No safety glasses, and don't need safety glasses for the operator.


 Could you pls. explain more about it. the control system?
 The working environment is the CPU should be more than 586, and the internal storage should be more than 1G, the computer should be ,win10, or XP.



What is the language of the operators' software?

English and Chinese, the language can be changed to English on the interface directly


How much is the life of one laser tube when used for film cutting on glass?

The life span of the laser tube is around 1800 working hours.


What is the warranty period?


The main machine warranty is 1 year( excpet the quick- wear parts, like the laser tube is 3 months).


Is this machine dust sensitive? If yes, it should be installed in a clean room with ventilation?

No, it is not dust sensitive, dry environment is better.


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