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 Blade glass cutting plotter

The first vertical cutting plotter is from here!

moke blade glass cutting plotter

1:Adopt USB and network transmission, one computer can control several machines.

2:Adopt SGS motion control algorithms which are initiated by MOKE, make the machine motion more accurate and faster.

3:Adopt ARM eight-core built-in CPU, 4G super flash memory, once power off, go on working after power on, complementary cut partly.

4:Machine controlled by a wireless remote handle, machine processing like playing games, convenient and efficient.

5:Use H series machine, no burning point at turn angle,power-adjustable, solve the problem of the second engraving.

6:H series laser illuminator adapts high frequency and sufficient power laser pipe which added catalyst more powerful, longer service life.

7.Drawing Command:HP-GL G-Code(*.plt *.eps *.dxf)

8:Mechanical Precision(mm):0.025 mm

9:Support Mode:Vertical

blade cutting plotter.jpg


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